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Office Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Floor Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning Services
Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

Our reliable and efficient staff is trained to do it all. Crystal Clear & Building Maintenance Inc. employees are insured and bonded and ready to work for you. Our Cleaning Services Include
Office and Commercial Cleaning
Day Porter Services
Common Area Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Floor Cleaning and Refinishing
Propane Floor Burnishing
Move In-Out Office Cleaning
Flood Cleaning
Janitorial Services
Crystal Clear & Building Maintenance Inc. will provide all Industrial Cleaning Services to factories, manufacturing companies, warehouses and distribution centers. Industrial Cleaning Services We Provide
Office Cleaning Services
Porter Services
Removal of all waste
Sweep, wash and sanitize all floor surfaces, stairs and landings
Clean all kitchens and/or lunchrooms
Clean and sanitize all washrooms

Before to cleaning your carpets we will walk your carpeted areas and spot clean the carpets for spillage and stains. Steam cleaning, known as hot water extraction, is forced into your carpet under pressure loosening debris and grime. Synthetic solutions are added to the water to aid in the cleaning.

The moisture, soil and any residue is then extracted and the carpet is left to dry, which may take some time. Stairs, landings and elevators are included in this steam cleaning process. Steam cleaning will kill dust mites and eliminate trapped pollutants. We treat carpets for odour and kill mold spores with a specialized anti-bacterial agent.

Cleaning Services

We are specialists in floor care and know that first impressions are important. Proper floor cleaning adds lustre and extends the life of your floors.
Floor care is a combination of chemistry and hard work. The first thing we do when we take over the care of your floor is take a good look at the floor material we are working with and see what damages, if any, needs to be fixed before a clean. Then we strip and clean the floor to give us a fresh surface to work with.
We do not take any work as small or big, they consider every work equal. We are ready to do their work at any time of the day.
According to the official operation, if official buildings need the cleaning service during the hours of operation and even after the hours of operation, we are ready to give you the cleaning service.
After the construction of the new home is complete it will leave behind, dust clusters and stains. This dirt and debris are discernible in various parts of the home. We do the professional cleaning in areas like the Lower mainland area.
The cleaners out there will help you enter a home with the expectation of enjoying a sparkling interior. The construction can be both residential and commercial. Our Services takes care of the variety and does cleaning with complete dedication.